Providing quality cylinder head repairs and reconditioning, competitive valve jobs, and quality work at an affordable price.

We take pride in the quality of our services.  Anchor Atlantic Enterprises LLC has been in the cylinder head reconditioning business for over 30 years. The meticulous steps taken in our process ensure a quality end-product every time.

Some of our services include:

  • Valve seat replacement in the case of corrosion or very deeply cut seats
  • Porting of intake & exhaust ports
  • Twin plugging (additional spark plug)
  • Stud repairs
  • New valves or springs, when needed, at very reasonable cost

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Proper valve to guide clearance is important for heat dissipation and long life of the valve seat.

Each valve is fitted to its guide and numbered.
Valves and valve seats are machined with multiple angles (competition valve job).
Special attention is given to the seating location on the valve face and width of the seat.  All studs and spark plug threads are checked and repaired when necessary.
Final ultrasonic wash before assembly is performed.
Spring tension is tested and springs are replaced when necessary.
Valve length and spring installed height are checked and machined to factory specifications.
Guides and stems are lubricated and installed with Viton seals.


Machining the cylinder mating surface on all six heads to the same dimension is critical.
Unfortunately, most shops overlook this process.
Some heads require as little as .001″ to .002″ of material removed.

We cut all cylinder heads we recondition.
Our method of refinishing assures a flat and parallel surface for a sure seal between the head and cylinder.  Improper guide installation techniques can destroy the cylinder heads.  We are very experienced in proper valve guide removal and installation, as well as valve optimization techniques.